Tony Collett  1990

Tony Collett has spent a lifetime learning the secrets to growing happy and healthy plants.  Starting as a tree farmer over 40 years ago, Tony grew ornamental trees, flowers and just about anything else his clients needed.  Expanding beyond just growing shrubs, flowers and trees, Collett designs high end commercial landscape projects with clients including Six Flags Entertainment Corporation, Monsanto and more.  

Currently, Collett works with Bayer Agriculture to keep their research lab and greenhouses agriculture equipment running in top shape. 

Combining a lifetimes experience across multiple facets of agriculture, Tony followed his passion and started Growermax - an expert supply source for farmers and hobbyist looking to get the best growing supplies for their plants and flowers.  

"The bigger the root, the bigger the fruit." 

Growermax is a Factory Direct Supplier centrally located in Missouri, USA.
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